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Identifying and treating the causes of pain and injury

At Clinic on the Hill we look at you as a whole. Often the reasons for your pain and injury are not in the areas you may expect. With a deep understanding of human bio-mechanics, we are able to help you find and address the causes of your pain and give you the treatment, advice and exercise to help you find long term relief. 


I started seeing Keeley in my third trimester. I decided to see Keeley once a month and then every week in the last month. Every session was invaluable in taking some time out to focus on self care, focus on where energies were low or unbalanced, and getting in the right mindset. I definitely felt lighter and more centred after every session.

Keeley is incredibly calm and nurturing, and we had some very enlightening conversations due to her previous experience as a doula. I took away some golden nuggets completely additional to the acupuncture, which was a complete added bonus.

Hester Gikas


About Us

Neil is the clinic director and osteopath at Clinic on the Hill. Since graduating with a masters in osteopathy, Neil has furthered his studies into human bio-mechanics, including studying with the world renowned Gray Institute in the USA. As well as treating as an osteopath, Neil also lectures in anatomy and bio-mechanics at a leading osteopathic university. Neil set up the clinic in order to offer a different approach to health, with a unique combination of services including osteopathy, functional nutrition and acupuncture. At the clinic we believe in identifying and treating the causes of pain and ill health to help our patients meet their full potential.


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