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Combined Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient system of medicine which originated in China over 2000 years ago. It is safe, effective and considered suitable for everyone. 

Keeley practises a combined style of Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture which means diagnosis and treatment are focussed on finding and treating the root cause of any ill health or disease in the body.

After the initial appointment, a unique diagnosis and treatment plan is created. Keeley then works with you during regular treatments, to make lasting and effective changes to your health. She has a wide variety of techniques to draw upon, utilising Needling, Cupping, Gua Sha and Moxibustion according to your individual diagnosis, as well as lifestyle and dietary advice. 

Acupuncture treats a wide range of health complaints because it focuses in on the individual rather than the condition. No matter what your conventional medical diagnosis is, whether acute or chronic, most people can benefit from this highly individualised approach to regaining and maintaining health and vitality. 

If you would like to talk to Keeley about how Acupuncture can help you, then please get in touch.  

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