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I started seeing Keeley in my third trimester, after a last minute decision to refer myself for a HBAC. We were committed to making it happen. I decided to see Keeley once a month and then every week the last month (with the option for some labour inducing acupuncture if needed!).

Every session was invaluable in taking some time out to focus on self care, focus on where energies were low or unbalanced, and getting in the right mindset. I definitely felt lighter and more centred after every session.

Keeley is incredibly calm and nurturing, and we had some very enlightening conversations due to her previous experience as a doula, and working in the area we were to have our baby. I took away some golden nuggets completely additional to the acupuncture, which was a complete added bonus.

Labour started for me at night and the next day I took Keeley up on her offer of early labour acupuncture, which is something I value very much and credit for really helping me through the day! The session was focused on specific points for labour and my husband also got a brief crash course in acupressure points he could use the next few hours/days - and he actually did. I even fell asleep for a bit which was incredible given how much rest was needed at the time!

All in all, I would definitely recommend a course of antenatal treatments and especially the early labour session if you are someone prone to long labours like me! I will try to see Keeley a few times for postnatal sessions if babysitters can be found, but will repeat exactly the same course if I am fortunate to be pregnant again!

I have had issues with my pelvis and hamstrings for a long time and decided to see Neil. Due to COVID-19 it was an online meeting. He was very patient, asked me a lot of questions to assess my condition and to ensure the right treatment approach. Which, in my case, meant working on the right firing patterns of certain muscles. Neil worked with me through a sequence of exercises (which were quite challenging but fun) and I felt better straight afterwards. I continued doing the sequence at home and after two sessions with him I was pain and symptom free. This has lasted and I continue the exercises once or twice per week. Neil is knowledgeable, caring and knows exactly what he is doing. Highest recommendations!

Pepper Stewart

Pilates instructor

I have suffered with two problems for many years, a shoulder impingement from an old bicep injury and hip/glute weakness. I had seen the NHS and other therapists which had improved but never really got a proper hold on either issue.

Neil took a very different approach, studying the way I moved and almost re teaching me to move and lift in different way to what my body had come accustomed to. This made me more aware of how I was picking objects up or climbing a ladder for example.

I stuck with his exercises, which were minimal impact on my daily routine and I visited Neil again. With mild improvements he tweaked my exercises and worked some more on the areas. Everything just came into place following that, by the 4th visit we concentrated on the next problem. I have small regressions but I’m no where near agitated on a daily basis with my sore hip and glute. Very happy and I will continue to use Neil if ever needed.

Martin Price


I had unexplained pains in both feet and ankles that steadily got worse over a year until I was unable to do any exercise or walk far without pain, and woke up with aching feet every morning. After a couple of unsuccessful treatment plans with a physiotherapist & podiatrist, a friend suggested seeing an osteopath. Neil quickly understood the problem and started treatment. After just the first session I immediately felt a difference in the way I was walking. This continued to improve over the next few weeks with more treatment and continuing to do the recommended exercises. After just a month and 3 sessions I had no pains in my feet, even during exercise. I now feel much more stable and am back to doing several exercise classes each week without pain. I am thrilled and would highly recommend!
Eve Blanchard

Office worker and gym goer

Neil was evidently very knowledgeable and gave me really clear explanations of what he doing and what we had to do help me. It was a very different approach to previous specialists I've seen, the movements were really effective and targeted my problem really well. Thanks Neil!

Tristan Lawrence

IT Director

I sprained my ankle and my wrist in separate incidents,  both injuries were taking a lot longer to heal than I expected and were limiting my mobility and causing fairly constant discomfort. My ability to take part in any form of sport or exercise was severely restricted. I was having trouble with basic movements such as running, squats and push ups and was not confident in putting any load or stress through either my wrist or my ankle. Neil was recommended to me by a friend from the gym and in three sessions over the course of a month, his treatment drastically increased the mobility in both my ankle and wrist and greatly reduced the level of discomfort. As a result, I’ve been able to return to the gym and the sports I was playing prior to the injuries and I continue to improve by putting into practice the movement patterns Neil has taught me.
Neil Gill

Lawyer and CrossFit athlete

I broke my foot in January during a football match. Despite the bone healing well after 6 months and number of appointments with a physiotherapist, I was still experiencing pain (even whilst walking). I then had a recommendation from a colleague and decided to see Neil. He identified factors which were contributing to the difficulties I was having with walking and which were making my foot more painful. After the first session, as a result of the hands on therapy Neil employs, I felt an immediate difference in my foot in that my mobility. Neil tackled issues that had built up around the leg and hip which were contributing to the pain in my foot which I never thought would have been the source of the problem. After continuing to do the exercises and stretches Neil suggested, I am now experiencing much less pain and am able to play football, which I was beginning to worry would be impossible. 
Matthew Perry

Office worker and amateur footballer

Prior to my first treatment with Neil I wasn’t able to stand fully upright and was in a lot of pain in my lower back. Having identified the problem, Neil set out to improve my mobility and stabilise the area. The advice and treatment given meant my mobility and ability to carry out everyday tasks quickly improved. This was all done over a short time period as I had 2 major training objectives, a trek in the Himalayas and an upcoming arduous training course. I met the first objective and once returning from Nepal, the treatment began to increase in intensity and also focus on more than just the lower back. This meant I could return to running and full exercise in good time to prepare for the upcoming training course.

My experience of treatment with Neil has been a hugely positive one. I felt my objectives and restraints were constantly understood and worked towards.
Charlie Carter

Army officer and part-time trekker

I cannot recommend Neil highly enough. Having worked in the health and fitness industry myself for 15 years as a PT and Sports Massage Therapist I am so impressed with his level of professionalism and knowledge. He offers a really bespoke service and takes the time to listen before treating and educating you on how to move better to provide long term relief from pain. This is not a one size fits all approach!

Oli Clarkson

Recruitment worker and personal trainer

Neil literally changed my life. Having been diagnosed with significant damage due to disc herniation, suffering limited movement, I was recommended to Neil for a consultation. Where others failed, in short time, notably just 3 or 4 sessions I had a programme of treatment to address the issues including restrictive ankle and hip movement. The outcomes meant I returned quickly to normal levels of mobility. The icing on the cake being I could take the benefits of Neil's advice back into my hobby of golf with improved performance and swing flexibility.

Gary Clapham

Desk worker and very keen golfer

I consulted Neil having suffered for well over a year with an unexplained, but increasingly debilitating injury to my hip/glute area which had forced me to stop running and made even normal walking painful. The injury was aggravated by sitting or lying down for any length of time. Neil designed a gradually escalating programme of exercises, manipulation and acupuncture supplemented by an exercise regimen between treatments. The result has been a dramatic improvement in strength and resilience that has restored my confidence in putting stress on the hip and allowed me to return to normal exercise without pain or restriction. The exercise programme that Neil designed gives me a permanent basis for maintaining effective conditioning of the hip. Throughout the treatment programme I found Neil to be very professional and genuinely fun to work with. He is a good listener, very astute at diagnosing problems and very good at describing how and why the treatment will work. Working with Neil has been a real pleasure and I would recommend him without reservation.

Paul Robinson

Recreational runner and hiker

I first visited Neil due to left knee pain whilst horse riding, I was looking for a new approach to it after having had only temporary improvements with years of regular physiotherapy treatments. Through finding the root cause of the problem in my right hip Neil has revolutionised my movement, enabled me to increase my strength, flexibility and made a significant improvement to my riding. The exercises I do at home have helped me improve between visits to get the most benefit from the session. I only wish I’d found him earlier!

Jennie Campion

Horse rider and instructor

I visited Neil following a talk on Pain and Movement at a local health food store. I had been experiencing severe pain from an ‘arthritic hip’ according to the NHS. Following a series of visits, an exercise program and a recommendation to replace my traditional office desk with a standing desk, I am now virtually pain free. I can highly recommend Neil and his approach to restoring mobility.

Rita Tinney

Estate agent

Having completed the glutes course at Clinic on the Hill, my entire body feels like it has had an upgrade.  My lower backache has gone (after 15 years), exercising gets me fit (instead of getting me injuries) and other sports which were no longer viable due to the dysfunction of my hips have become a regular part of my life again.

I have tried many treatments over the years. Most have been beneficial in the short term, but none have achieved the permanent changes I’ve experienced with Neil. The simple, efficient movements we explored in our sessions were easy to replicate at home and took no more than 15 minutes per day. As my body remembered how to work correctly with natural loading exercise, I also noticed my muscles engaging during normal daily tasks. Other benefits I noticed were the disappearance of niggles in my knee and ankles.

Neil is always very focussed and passionate about the functional movement education but our sessions were adaptable - so we would sometimes add in couch work appropriate for what was presenting.

I now possess the know-how to continue the exercises to ensure the changes are here to stay, as well as how to tone down or amp up appropriately for what is going on in my body and schedule. I can’t recommend highly enough.

Alex Petsch

Horse rider

I was introduced to Clinic on the Hill through my triathlete sister, who had great success with Neil. I had frequent knee pain and shin pain through weight training and running. When starting up training again in the first lockdown in 2020, I soon realised a lot of those same problems were still there. Neil was terrific from day 1, analysing how I moved and introducing me to new exercises to target areas of weakness. He broke down a number of training myths that I had been previously told and challenged my body in new ways. Through home exercise and follow up appointments, I am now training and running without pain. I've noticed benefits at work as well, where I am required to do some heavy lifting. I can move with much greater confidence and feel much stronger. Thoroughly recommend and can't thank Neil enough! 

Christian Brown

Car Production Technician

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