Neil Sharland M.Ost, FAFS, Dip. SM

Osteopath, bio-mechanics and movement specialist

Neil qualified from the London School of Osteopathy after completing a 5 year Masters Degree. Since graduating, Neil has completed extensive training in Applied Functional Science with the Gray Institute in the USA, as well as completing courses with Thirst4Function. This has led to a passion and interest in human movement and bio-mechanics.

Neil takes a structural and functional approach to treatment. He strongly believes in the body’s natural healing mechanisms and uses treatment, movement and exercise to encourage pain relief and a return to function. Neil believes in empowering his patients with the right knowledge, exercises and habitual changes in order to manage their ongoing improvement and maintenance.

Neil lectures in anatomy and human bio-mechanics at a leading osteopathic university. Neil also has a degree in Philosophy and is a keen exerciser and sports enthusiast. Neil was part of the Everest Test team in 2009 that achieved a world record for the highest altitude game of officiated sport ever played.

In 2016, Neil moved to Surrey with his wife and 2 sons and loves to spend time exploring the outdoors.