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How does your body work in real life? By assessing your movement in relation to activities such as walking, bending, lifting and your chosen sports or activities, we can work to identify and improve the things that are holding you back.

Functional osteopathy is a unique combination of osteopathy with Applied Functional Science. Neil has studied with the prestigious Gray Institute in the USA to further his bio-mechanical understanding and implementation. 

Instead of looking at isolated areas of the body, functional assessment and treatment is based on everything being connected. For example, how a lack of ankle motion can affect the lower back.

While hands-on osteopathic therapy is used, assessment is based around what you do in real life. Some of your treatment will happen in upright functional positions and not lying down on a treatment table. This enables treatment to directly translate back to improving your movement in everyday life.

Treatment is unique to YOUR ability, function and goals and will not be the same as the client before or after you. This treatment approach gives the body access to parts it has not been able to use and teaches it how to move better. 

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