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8 x 1HR Functional strength and movement sessions suitable for all levels

The gluteal muscles are a hugely important and powerful part of the human body. Along with the hamstrings, calves and muscles of the back, the glutes form your 'posterior chain'.

In day to day life, we should be benefitting from the power and control that the posterior chain offers us.

For many of us, however, the strength of our posterior chain is insufficient meaning that we are less able to tolerate our movements and activities. We may be more prone to episodes of pain or just feel stiff and less physically capable.

Understanding how to develop strength and control in this area of your body can be truly transformative for how you feel. 

With training in human movement and biomechanics from the world leading Gray Institute in the USA, Neil is passionate about helping people to understand the benefits of a functionally strong body. Neil's training puts him in a unique position to be able to help his patients approach strength in a very different and transformative way. 

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