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The clinic will continue to operate a mask policy after July 19th. Given the volume of infection and the requirement still to isolate, masks will allow us to continue to provide a service with minimal disruption. 

Checklist for patients arriving at the clinic:

- Arrive two minutes before your appointment and wait to be let in 

- Please bring a face mask for your appointment

- If you have a temperature, persistent dry cough and/or a loss of taste and smell, please call to cancel your appointment

- If anyone in your household has Covid symptoms and /or is awaiting a test result or you have been contacted by NHS track and trace, please call to cancel your appointment

- If you have any concerns about your appointment please email

  1. Entry to the clinic for osteopathic appointments only: The clinic will only allow patients in who have booked an appointment. Patients making enquiries will be asked to do so via email or telephone.

  2. Staggered appointments and spaced seating: Appointments will be staggered by 15 minute intervals to ensure there is no crossing over of patients between appointments and that the room can be thoroughly cleaned before each appointment. We ask that you arrive 2 minutes before your appointment and wait outside, the osteopath will open the door for you to allow you in.

  3. Practitioner and patient PPE: Practitioners will be wearing a face mask during treatment. We ask patients to wear a mask at all times while in the clinic, unless exempt. All non water repellent couch covers and pillow cases will be removed. Paper couch cover will be used for each patient. 

  4. Reduced surface contact points: The door will be open for you on arrival and the amount of surfaces that the patient touches will be minimised as much as possible. Any surfaces that are contacted will be disinfected. We suggest that you try and go to the toilet before your visit but should you need to use the toilet, the appropriate hand washing and sanitising measures will be in place. 

  5. Sterilised surfaces: Any contact points in regular use will be disinfected after each use, including the treatment couch, chairs and payment devices.

  6. Video appointments available: Video appointments for those unable to make it to the clinic or at increased risk will be available. 

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